vrijdag 1 januari 2010

SCHRANK8 - Before start

The content before start:
(in order op appearance)
Tivoli Audio, Model Two / 12x 3D letter for exhibition signage Come to my place / Candleholder / Glass vase with coins / Post-its / Airmiles card / Businesscard of Kim Bouvy, designed by me / Businesscard of Wouter Klein Velderman, designed by Suzanne Caerteling / Businesscard of Kultivator, designed by Floor Wesseling / Invites to Paradise Lost, Hotel Mariakapel and W139 designed by Bart de Baets / Set of birthday cards with kittens, 5x Unopend foreign chewinggum packages, Seal-stamp ‘H’, Little leather brown note book, Mini paper knife, presents from Noor Berkman / CD’s and DVD’s / Flashlight / Silver ring, present from my mother / 5x whiskers from two cats / 10 guilder-cents coin from 1977 / Paper aeroplane / Plastic Disney figure from Albert Heijn / Kodak Album Classeur, empty green leather picture wallet / Empty bottle of coffee liquor, present from Herman Verhagen / Full bottle of Boccate de Fraise des Bois liquor, present from Terry van Druten / Mini can of Jodenkoeken, big can of Stroopkoeken / Wrapping paper with woodprint by Miek Zwamborn with morse code cards in felt jacket / 7x Album by De Kift / 6x Soap bar, present from Bart de Baets / Lacie external harddrive, broken / 2x Chanel package, a plastic groom, birthday card with rabbit, presents from Karen Willey and Marieke Stolk / Wooden spoon, fork and knife / Chinese babushka’s, present from Marian Engelbertink / Fake mini plastic pencil and sharpner buttons / Empty De Ruijter Anijsmelk package / Spare set of house keys / Delft Blue vase / Package of 44 and 88 cent stamps, designed by me / Set of earphones / Old custard package Albert Heijn, ‘taken’ from the parents of Gijs Weijer / Bell’s Seasoning package / Papersheet with cutout alphabet, present from my mother / Book ‘Rickey Ragebol en het Brave Hansje’, present from Tom Balm and Julie / 4x Stacked Ikea display shelves / Can of WD-40 multispray / Pair of sunglasses / Piece of plastic bubble wrap / Red baby t-shirt, birth announcement for Soraya Wesseling, designed by Floor Wesseling / Pritt correct-it roll / Green felt handbag from Tommy Hilfiger / 4x Invites for Soepboer&Stooker, Invite Hotel Mariakapel, Service Garage, Horsemove designed by Michiel Schuurman / Brochure for ‘Uit de tijd’, Service Garage, designed by Michiel Schuurman / 3x Invites for W139, designed by Bart de Baets / Flyer for Undercover, designed by Job Wouters and Yvo Sprey / Birthcard of Bobbie Boom / Brochure ‘Voor of tegen de atoombom’, 1950 / Bag of flowerseeds, present of Herman Verhagen / Postcard ‘Burglar’ from the criminal alphabet by Stymir Orn Guomundsson / Estonian music note book, 1962 / 3x Scratched letter ‘h’ postcard / Businesscard of Hugo Naber / Aluminum brooch of a butterfly / Vedett bottle cap / 5x Estonian magazine, 1965 / 4x Pictures of my graduation, 2003 / 2x Pictures of project by Eric de Haas, 2005 / Birthcard of Egon Ruiter, design by me / Wedding invitation Gijs and Serena, design by Michiel Schuurman / Set of handouts by Arie / ‘20 Steunbonnen’, coupon booklet to help Spain, from the 1930’s / Bulkboek # 54, Belcampo, a novel published in a newspaper, 1976 / Po√ęsie-album, cover made my father / Recipe for heartburn cabbage by my grandmother / Booklet ‘Diploma’ by Daniel Maarleveld / My name in orange marker, by PenJet, graduation project from three Rietveld students / TV, VCR and 3x remotes / Big old empty log book for the city Oss, present from my father / Road maps of Italy, Paris, The Hague and Amsterdam / Old leather Canon photo case / Two green plastic rulers, one with Russian letters / Big white ball with multi-colored light, present from Bart de Baets / Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD-box / Vinyl single Automobile by singer Hansje, present from Ramon / 2x Fake or Real game, by Mieke Gerritzen / 3x wooden knitting neelde cover, from grandmother / 2x Mourning card from 1900’s / Zeeuws kapje, historical traditional dutch cap / Book ‘Hansje Wip en het boomhuis’ / Book ‘Een hut voor Hansje’ / ‘Poezenkrant’ Vol. IV, Nr 22, 22 August 1977, by Piet Schreuders / Fake moustache / ‘Ken je gezelschapspel’, designed by me / Invite to exhibition Paulien Oltheten / Tijs en Lapje, photobook with texts by Annie M.G. Schmidt, 1960 / Almost empty bottle of Wodka, present from Johannes Naan / Dummy of my own book / Three colors of cotton wool / Birthcard of Magali Wiersma, designed by Chromosoom / Wafer drum / CD ‘Lost in the Forest’ by Brigid LeFevre, designed by me / Books that are (not) worth mentioning.