zondag 3 februari 2013

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries - show is over

Schrank8 is currently empty.

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dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries - Finissage

The work of Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries has been part of my livingroom for quite a while now. This Sunday it's time to say goodbye to their lovely arrangement. You are welcome to drop by for graphic design, tea and wine.

Schrank8 Home Gallery
presents Niessen & de Vries
Finissage Sunday February 3rd 2013
15.00-18.00 hrs

vrijdag 21 december 2012

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries - exhibition

This edition of Schrank was the first time I invited designers whose portfolio is way too extensive to fit in ten Schranks, let alone just one cabinet. This forced them to come up with a concept to organize and select their work by. Niessen & de Vries prove once more that graphic designers are system and order loving freaks. They turned the alphabet into a collection of relevant words and connected each word to a work. The works and the words make the cabinet into a delightful installation, an alphabetic city or a three dimensional version of their website. It looks serene, challenging, hectic and well balanced at the same time. Just like their work.

Dutch Design magazine Items wrote an article about this edition of Schrank - read it here.

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries
Open by appointment
December 18th - January 27th, 2013
mail or call hansje@hansje.net / 06- 412 415 46


zondag 11 november 2012

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries - opening

Even after 9 times Schrank8 I am amazed how my cabinet is turned in to a world of its own and how my home sweet home is turned into nice gathering of people. Thank you so much for showing interest in Schrank and the lovely work by Niessen & de Vries.

Babette is not only Schrank8 bar-master, more often she's director of Broesj, half of Kila&Babsie, designer by herself, my indispensable personal assistent and dear friend. The other half of the Schrank-bar-team Suzanne couldn't make it. Babette brought in her cousin Merel to serve you drinks, sell you posters and prepare snacks. Thanks Babette and thank you Merel!

Schrank8 afterparty superteam

donderdag 8 november 2012

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries - preparations

The professionalism of Niessen & de Vries was illustrated by speedy and well prepared arranging of my living room cabinet. Within three hours they turned the sad empty Schrank into an true exhibition with an A-Z of highlights of their work.

Johnny Brankaert, who is graduating from WdKA Rotterdam this year, has been a great help preparing Schrank.

zondag 28 oktober 2012

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries

I'm proud to announce that for the 9th exhibition the shelves of my living room cabinet Schrank8 will be filled by graphic design duo Niessen & de Vries. Not only their work is exciting, but also their experience and view on making exhibitions excites me. Very curious how they will treat the cabinet and am looking forward to the next edition of Schrank8.

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries
Opening Friday November 9th
17.00 - 20.00 hrs

Schrank8 presents Viktor Hachmang - show is over

We had a nice Sunday afternoon finissage with some nice people taking their last chance to see the cabinet with Viktor Hachmangs work. And now Schrank is sadly empty. Thanks Viktor, it was super nice to have your work in my livingroom for the past month. Check www.viktorhachmang.nl for updates on his work.