vrijdag 21 december 2012

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries - exhibition

This edition of Schrank was the first time I invited designers whose portfolio is way too extensive to fit in ten Schranks, let alone just one cabinet. This forced them to come up with a concept to organize and select their work by. Niessen & de Vries prove once more that graphic designers are system and order loving freaks. They turned the alphabet into a collection of relevant words and connected each word to a work. The works and the words make the cabinet into a delightful installation, an alphabetic city or a three dimensional version of their website. It looks serene, challenging, hectic and well balanced at the same time. Just like their work.

Dutch Design magazine Items wrote an article about this edition of Schrank - read it here.

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries
Open by appointment
December 18th - January 27th, 2013
mail or call hansje@hansje.net / 06- 412 415 46