zondag 11 november 2012

Schrank8 presents Niessen & de Vries - opening

Even after 9 times Schrank8 I am amazed how my cabinet is turned in to a world of its own and how my home sweet home is turned into nice gathering of people. Thank you so much for showing interest in Schrank and the lovely work by Niessen & de Vries.

Babette is not only Schrank8 bar-master, more often she's director of Broesj, half of Kila&Babsie, designer by herself, my indispensable personal assistent and dear friend. The other half of the Schrank-bar-team Suzanne couldn't make it. Babette brought in her cousin Merel to serve you drinks, sell you posters and prepare snacks. Thanks Babette and thank you Merel!

Schrank8 afterparty superteam