vrijdag 2 april 2010

Job Wouters - Opening

What can I say? It was a blast!

We were overwhelmed with the amount of people that came to visit 'Schrank8 with Job Wouters / Letman'. House and sidewalk were filled with Job's friends, my friends, friends of friends, colleagues, students, clients and a whole bunch of people neither Job or me ever met before.

The steady Schrank8-bartender-crew Babette and Suzanne were indispensable serving us 168 beers, 18 bottles of wine, 6 liters of orange juice and 4.5 liters of mineral water in four hours. I'm also very grateful they ran up and down the supermarket a couple of times to make sure the guests didn't run dry. Thanks girls, for being my team!
I also want to give loads of thanks to Isabella who surprised our taste buds with making a large supply of Anchovies and Capers Butter, Broad Bean Purée with Mint, Goat Cheese Chocolate Truffles and Mango Salsa with Lime and Coriander
to accompany bread and nacho's.