donderdag 7 juli 2011

Exhibition Posters | Dutch Design Awards

The silk screened posters I've made to announce the Schrank8 exhibitions were selected as finalist for the Dutch Design Awards in the category Best Graphic Design.
From the jury report: "The posters for the bimonthly changing cabinet exhibitions at the designer’s home balance on the borderline between autonomous and communication design. The research in this border area results in stunning posters and is the innovation-oriented drive in the professional field."

You can vote for the Public Award

The posters are in good company with Rop van Mierlo - Niels Schumm/Anuschka Blommers & Experimental Jetset - Jop van Bennekom - Floor Wesseling - Michiel Schuurman - Lernert & Sander as other finalists.

Pictures by Rebke Klokke