zondag 22 april 2012

Koen Taselaar - Exhibition

Schrank8 is covered from ceiling to bottom with the amazing work of Koen Taselaar.

During the preparation days I got the chance to get to know Koen and his work a bit better. I've seen him draw with a confidence, nonchalance and charm without having to look at the paper. I've seen him wandering around my house as if he was looking for something, simply to make up his mind. He's good at making sharp jokes and precise choices. Just like in his work.

His work appeals to my personal taste in color, contrast texture, lines, patterns and unstoppable dedication. His way of working seems to be recognized by all of us doodlers, but exceeds the recognition in preciseness, humor, persistence, taste and variation.

Koen self-published two books. One with imaginary bugs and one with imaginary bands. They are definiately worth while!