vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Miek Zwamborn Wunderschrank - Finissage

On Sunday October 17th we open the doors to celebrate the last day of Schrank8 Home Gallery Miek Zwamborn Wunderschrank. You are welcome to join us for this last opportunity and see this amazing Schrank.

Miek Zwamborn Wunderschrank
Sunday October 17th
16.00 - 19.00 hrs
Wagenaarstraat 331

Miek Zwamborn is an artist, author and in my eyes the perfect treasure hunter. She made a splendid and apparently intuitively arranged cabinet filled with geological drawings, models, tools and archive material around the tale of two eccentric adventurers and a historical landslide. The precision of this collection unfolds itself as Miek starts to talk and the elements of her upcoming novel melt together. This Wunderschrank gives you an insight in a story brewery of an author, artist and treasure seeker.

The exhibition is open by appointment until October 16th.
Please announce your visit to check if I'm in
via mail or call 06 - 412 415 46.