vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Miek Zwamborn Wunderschrank - Heim Events

Past Thursday Miek gave a talk (in Dutch) alongside her Wunderschrank about her research, travels and main character of her upcoming book Albert Heim. We could fit about twenty seats in the livingroom, which created a crammed but intimate atmosphere.
It was an evening with Swiss cheese, a beamer, dia projector, soundbites of Bach and a small Darwin reading. But most of all the amazing stories and findings of Miek about Fulgurietenavonturen, het C-akkoord in watervallen, kolkgaten, de witte hoed, kriskrasgelaagdheid, twaalf knakjes, Spelterini, stralens├╝chen, onweders.
A similar event Heimmiddag will be held on Sunday October 17th.
(There are no more seats available.)