zondag 19 september 2010

Miek Zwamborn Wunderschrank - Exhibition #4

After a cycle of three graphic design solo exhibitions, this time Miek Zwamborn is invited for a theme cabinet. Miek Zwamborn is an artist, author and in my eyes the perfect treasure hunter.

In 2005-6 Miek and I shared a studio. In that period she knew to amaze and inspire me with books, paper, stones, embroidery, tools, materials and knowledge. In a search for inspiration Miek just can't be missing. She is currently working on her third novel. Miek made a splendid and apparently intuitively arranged cabinet filled with geological drawings, models, tools and archive material around the tale of two eccentric adventurers* and a historical landslide. The precision of this collection unfolds itself as Miek starts to talk and the elements of her upcoming novel melt together. This Wunderschrank gives you an insight in a story brewery of an author, artist and treasure seeker.

Miek Zwamborn Wunderschrank
Open until October 10th
You are welcome to drop by to see the Schrank.
Please announce your visitto check if I'm in
via mail or call 06- 412 415 46.

*Heim (1849-1937) is a Swiss geologist who has qualified himself in the field of map-making and model constructions of the Alps. He is a fierce climber, spends his days drawing and was the first scientist to fly in an air balloon over the Alps to catch the right colour blue for a relief. Hundred years earlier Mary Anning (1799-1848) roams across the Lias Beds along the south west coast of Lyme Regis, England. She has a nose for finding petrified bones, day in day out she's looking for stones to clarify more about prehistory. Later these stones will carry her name. In this landscape a large landslide would take place in 1840.