dinsdag 5 april 2011

Pinar & Viola - Opening

Job Wouters introduced me to the work of Pinar&Viola about a year ago. I fell for them at the first glance of the Tolerance Strikes Back poster and realized their light boxes at Central Station had already stopped me more than once. Past summer we had a dinner in my garden and I was impressed with their power and extreme motivated passion.

I was waiting for the right moment to ask them for a Schrank8 exhibition because their work was simply too big to fit into the cabinet. But when they offered to make an installation especially for the cabinet it was the right moment. Pinar&Viola realized a super exciting cabinet, with the collection Diva Opaque - Anonymous Guardians of Intimacy. I'm very grateful for what they accomplished and the cabinet looks great!

They turned out to be amazing quote makers, able to turn every occasion into a memorable event and on top of that they are great fun to be with. If you ever need a pep-talk, you should definitely go see these girls. But most of all, if you're ever in need of a strong visual statement (or Ecstatic Surface Design as they call it), thorough image research or a stain glass window design, head for this designer duo. And the opening was as great as they are.

Pinar&Viola is open by appointment until April 17th
Diva Opaque - Anonymous Guardians of Intimacy
(mail or call 06 - 412 415 46)

Thanks to Emile Zile for the music, sorry to him for my tiny Tivoli boxes which weren't up for his great sound.

Thanks to Nienke Kersten, Babette Zijlstra and Suzanne Caerteling for all your help at the opening and before.