dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Pinar & Viola - Finissage

Sunday's a last opportunity to see Pinar&Viola's Diva Opaque Collection in Schrank8.

If you wish to see the capsule Ecstatic Surface Collection of Pinar&Viola, if you missed the opening, if you wish to have bubbles on a sunny Sunday, if you want to meet scarf_whiz80, or if you just wanna hang out with Pinar&Viola, you’re welcome to pass by the gallery.

Schrank8 presents Pinar&Viola
Diva Opaque: Anonymous Guardians of Intimacy
Ecstatic Surface Capsule Collection

Finissage Sunday 8 May 2011
15.00 -18.00 hrs
Schrank8 Home Gallery
Wagenaarstraat 331