dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Pinar & Viola - Exhibition

Diva Opaque - Anonymous Guardians of Intimacy is a collection of found images belonging to scarf_whiz80. This eccentric collection varies from snapshots, carefully manipulated pictures and skillful photomontages, all portraying veiled divas.

Scarf_whiz80 cherishes the veil in his very own perception. In contradiction with today’s sensational hijab-hype, scarf_whiz80 glorifies the headscarf. From silk to satin, from lace to chiffon, he manifests the veil as an object obscure, shielding beauty from the beholder. The images depict strong women who seem decided to keep their transparency unique to their private relations. scarf_whiz80 idolizes these women as the Anonymous Guardians of Intimacy.

Pinar&Viola discovered the bewildering collection on the internet by accident, and fully embraced scarf_whiz80’s skillfully crafted uncanny vision. In his collection, Pinar&Viola observe a critique on societal norms of gender, race, religion and sexuality, including destructions of stereotypes and ideologies. With today’s expansion of identity politics and the booming prosecution of middle-class, narrow-minded morality in the discourses of popular culture and public policy, Pinar&Viola state the veil as the neo black. quoted from www.pinar-viola.com

Photography: Qui Yang