woensdag 5 september 2012

Schrank8 presents Viktor Hachmang

Schank8 presents Viktor Hachmang
Friday September 28th, 2012
17.00 - 20.00 hrs
Wagenaarstraat 331
Amsterdam Oost
(poster by Hansje van Halem)
Viktor Hachmang's work passed by my eyes numerous times online. His bold, delicate, thorough, clever, precise and outstanding images pulled my strings. In my eyes he seems to work as an orchestrater of elements, as a set designer, as an inventor of machines, brewing creatures as a doctor Frankenstein while painting us a picture as a historical narrator from the future. His work makes me jealous, excited and longing for more. We met up for a beer in The Hague. He showed me the scarf, the dinner plate, the pin, the posters, the illustrations, some of which seemed to be instant classics. It impressed me even more than the online appearance. Because he only just recently graduated I didn't want to rush him, but anxiously wanted to show his work. Over the months that passed, his collection grew and the quality kept rising. It's promising to be a very nice edition of Schrank8. You're invited to come over and have a look for yourself!