dinsdag 25 september 2012

Schrank8 presents Viktor Hachmang - preparations

This week we made the arrangement for the 8th exhibition in Schrank8 Home Gallery. I'm super excited to have the work of Viktor Hachmang in the cabinet. The offline experience truly surpasses the online representation (although that already looks great!). It was great to get to know Viktor and his girlfriend / partner in crime Eline a bit better over a day of work, a dinner and some beers. I enjoyed listening to their stories on how works were established, associations from comics, comments on art, mixed with daily life and Pinocchio hang-ups. The cabinet is filled with a high quality portfolio and only at the end of the evening I realized this solid body of work was made during the course of only one year. Way to go Viktor!

You are invited for the opening
Schrank8 presents Viktor Hachmang
Friday 28th September 2012
17.00 - 20.00 hrs
Wagenaarstraat 331
Amsterdam Oost